Depositing to bitcoin casino with a bank card: step-by-step instructions

To play bitcoin casino, you need to deposit crypto. The most convenient way to do this is with a bank card and an exchange service. Let’s consider the most popular methods to buy cryptocurrency to deposit casinos because each of the methods has its characteristics, pros, and cons. Only considering all your needs, you will be able to choose the best option for your case. If you already have a Crypto Wallet, log in to your cabinet on, choose the appropriate exchange method and make a purchase of our tokens for cryptocurrency. Only registered users can log in and make a deposit.

Crypto exchange for bitcoin deposit from bank card

Cryptocurrencies are very popular among casino players, they perform a certain function, and therefore are ideal for bitcoin-casino deposits from a bank card.

BestChange crypto exchange

BestChange is one of the most popular services. It allows for collecting numerous offers from all verified cryptocurrency exchangers with good reputations. As a result, users get access to the best rates. The service itself implies the use of several payment methods, so the player has a choice of which one to use.

How to deposit to bitcoin casino from a card via BestChange

BestChange service has a simple and clear interface. To start using it, go to best change ru website. Then follow the instructions:

  1. Select the desired method of exchange, for example, “Tinkoff” – Bitcoin.
  2. On the page, you will see available exchangers, which support the selected currency pairs. At the top will be the most profitable options, as exchange services are automatically sorted by exchange rate. You can read customer reviews and the amount of cryptocurrency available for exchange.
  3. Having selected a suitable exchanger, click on it. Enter your personal information, your card number, and your e-wallet address, where you will add the cryptocurrency to the exchanger website. Sometimes you may be asked to send a photo of your card and a self-photo with your passport, if you’re afraid to do that, you can choose services with simpler requirements.
  4. Carry out the transfer from your card to the details specified by the exchanger. The exchange can take from a couple of minutes to several hours – depending on the cryptocurrency and the reserve. If you have any questions, you can contact the chat or technical support of the exchanger.
  5. The cryptocurrency will arrive in your wallet, and you can buy online casino currency for it.

The MetaMask crypto exchange

MetaMask is a popular cryptocurrency wallet with over 30 million active users at the beginning of this year. It relies primarily on the Ethereum blockchain, here you can buy and sell digital currency in any volume. MetaMask has been around since 2016 – when it was launched by Consensys, a blockchain software company to increase accessibility in the world of decentralized applications (also called apps). MetaMask works by executing smart contracts through Infura and has several features, the first of which is the ability to store cryptocurrency. You can use it to buy and sell ether (ETH), the main crypto token of the Ethereum blockchain, as well as to store any Ethereum-compatible token (such as ERC-20 and ERC-721). Another feature is trading. Users can perform peer-to-peer token exchanges with the wallet without the need for an intermediary. To guarantee its users the lowest prices, MetaMask uses information from aggregators of decentralized exchanges. The wallet also allows one to connect to the BNB smart-chain, to access other decentralized applications using the Ethereum network.

How to deposit to bitcoin casino from a card through MetaMask

To deposit money into bitcoin casinos from your card through MetaMask, you need to create a wallet. You can do this in two ways – through the MetaMask app or in the browser, through a browser extension.

Installing the mobile application

Wallet in Metamask allows not only to store savings in cryptocurrency but also to transfer them to the crypto casino for the subsequent game. To create a wallet, you can use a mobile app:

  1. Find the Metamask mobile app in the app store. Download and install the app.
  2. Open the app and click Create New Wallet.
  3. The developer will ask you to help them improve the app through the information collected. You have the right to refuse to provide the developer with the data.
  4. Create a password that unlocks the wallet on your device.
  5. Read the information about the passphrase and click “Get Started.”
  6. The secret phrase you will be shown is made up of several words. You need to memorize it, write it down, and keep it out of reach. This is the only way to restore your wallet.
  7. To confirm the secret phrase, you have to repeat it, putting all the words in the right order.
  8. After completing this task you will get access to your wallet.
  9. Copy your wallet number, you can make your first cryptocurrency entry in the right blockchain.

Installing Metamask through a browser to deposit money into an online casino

To get started, visit the official Metamask website for a link to install the extension for your browser. After confirming the installation, you will see a new icon on the top bar.

  1. To start the setup, click on the “Get started” button.
  2. Click the “Create Wallet” button to create your account and register it.
  3. Set a password to log in to the extension in your browser. The password is not a secret phrase, like when registering in the application. The password can only be used in the given resolution of your browser. The password must contain 8 characters. Creating a password and reading the user agreement will take you to the next level.
  4. Watch the video to familiarize yourself with how the wallet works or click “Next”.
  5. Protect your wallet with a secret phrase. It will be used to recover your wallet on another browser or device.
  6. After you are shown the secret phrase, remember not only all the words but also their sequence. And also save the phrase in a secret place by writing it down on paper. Click “Next” again.
  7. Confirm that you have memorized the secret phrase correctly: enter each word in turn in the suggested form.
  8. Click “Confirm.” If the previous test is correct, you will get access to the created wallet. Ethereum will be connected by default, you can switch to any other suggested network.

How to deposit money into a bitcoin casino from a card through Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet, where you can buy a cryptocurrency for deposits at online casinos via Visa or MasterCard. The service is used by more than 1 million people. Trust Wallet implies not only a cryptocurrency wallet but also a DApp Browser. It is designed to interact with decentralized applications. It supports BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, TRX, XRP, and BCH and thousands of different tokens.

How to get started

You can download TrustWallet on the official website of the developer or in a suitable store – Playmaker, Android, AppStore, etc. The application is intuitive, and creating a TrustWallet wallet is not difficult. The hardest part is to figure out the English mnemophrase, which you have to rewrite without mistakes and memorize.

If you passed the check positively after registration – the wallet is created, and you can continue to use it. Keep in mind, that all crypto services of this type work similarly, there are no significant differences in registration.

The main feature of a cryptocurrency wallet is that it does not require the introduction of personal user data. Work with the wallet is completely anonymous.

Another feature is transaction limits:

  • the minimum size of one transaction – is $50;
  • the maximum daily volume of transactions – 200 thousand USD;
  • limit for 1 month – up to 50 thousand USD for one account.

How to enter cryptocurrency in online casino

Go to our official website Go through a simple registration step. In the top right menu, you will have access to your casino account and balance. Once in the cabinet, you will see all the possibilities offered to you to make a deposit. To do so, you have to buy the casino’s internal currency – the token gad. This can be done with your cryptocurrency wallet, bank card, or e-wallet. Just a few clicks and you can join the real fun!