Gadbet – betting platform for live streaming

Gad Bet – a platform for betting on live streams

Gad Bet is a unique service with a multitude of features for streamers and viewers. Streams on Gad Bet are distinct for their ability to accept bets on events. How does it work?

A streamer hosts a live broadcast and accepts bets on the outcome of an event. For this, the stream must have intrigue and a competitive element, allowing a winner to be chosen. It doesn’t matter what the host shows. It could be a fish fight, sports, esports, but at the end of the stream, a winner must be determined. Viewers place bets on the likely winner. You can place your bet on the stream for three possible outcomes: victory for one side, victory for the other side, or a draw.

The winner does not necessarily have to be a person, a team, or an animal. Victory can be awarded to an event. For example, the streamer tries to complete a game level within 1 minute during a live broadcast. If they succeed, that’s one outcome; if not, it’s the second outcome. Thus, bets can be accepted on the outcome of events.

Streams become interesting when two participants compete against each other live. These can be serious competitions – who will run faster, who will hold a plank longer, or humorous contests with a hint of a prank – who will collect more phone numbers from girls, etc. Use your imagination, as your profit depends on it!

How to accept bets on a stream

Everything is as simple as possible. Register on the website. Several languages are available, including Russian and English. Do you want to start a stream or schedule a broadcast?

Determine the event on which you will be accepting bets, describe the participants of the stream, and select an image. The more attractive your stream’s description, the more visitors will come to watch and place bets. And the greater your benefit.

In addition to a percentage of bets, the streamer can offer paid streams. The cost of access to their stream on Gad Bet is chosen by the streamer themselves.

How to place a bet on a stream?

If you are a gambling enthusiast but do not trust the fairness of casinos, you can test your luck by placing a bet on a stream. Everything is as transparent and fair as possible. Join the stream you like, choose a potential winner or a more likely event, and place your bet. You choose the amount of the bet yourself.

If you manage to guess correctly and the bet pays off, you receive money. All winners share the total pot, minus the percentage that goes to the platform. The streamer determines the winner, but since players can see everything happening in the stream, there are usually no issues. If you disagree with the awarded victory, you can contest the stream’s result.

How to contest the result of a stream?

If you believe that the winner of the stream has been chosen unfairly, you can click the “Report” button. The administrators will get involved and check if the stream was conducted fairly. If there are many complaints and the administrators detect fraud, the streamer may be banned, and all money will be returned to the players. The stream’s result will be annulled. However, you should only click the “Report” button if you are sure that the winner was chosen unfairly. Otherwise, the administrators may impose sanctions on you as well.