Gift X Slot by Bgaming: A Comprehensive Review

Theme and Overview

Bgaming’s “Gift X” is a delightful online slot game that encapsulates the festive spirit of Christmas. The game’s narrative is set around Santa’s journey, as he embarks on his sky-high mission. With elves having packed all the presents and five patient reindeer, the stage is set for a magical holiday adventure. The game’s atmosphere is further enhanced by the cessation of the usual Christmas hustle and bustle, signaling the start of the game as players place their bets.

Gameplay and Rules

The game unfolds with a unique twist as players wait for Santa’s high flight to collect gifts. The objective is to grab these presents before Santa flies away, leaving players without their Christmas surprises. This engaging gameplay offers a fresh take on the traditional slot experience.

Winning Strategies and Features

  1. Unlimited Attempts: Players have unlimited chances to try their luck, ensuring a game that’s always engaging.
  2. Multiple Bets: You can place either 1 or 2 bets in a single round, offering flexibility in gaming strategy.
  3. Autoplay Mode: This feature automates the gameplay, allowing players to specify the number of autoruns and their desired multiplier for cashing out.

Special Features and Artwork

With its carefully crafted art, animations, and sound, “Gift X” is designed to be a feast for the senses. The game promises holiday gifts for everyone, but with Santa’s surprises, you never know what you’ll get until you try.

Technical Details

  • Auto Play: Simplify your gameplay with automated spins.
  • Multiple Bets: Increase your chances with more than one bet.
  • Auto Cash-Out: Set your desired multiplier for automatic cash-out.

Game Type and RTP

Game Type: “Gift X” falls under the casual game category, making it perfect for relaxed, fun gaming sessions.

  • RTP: The game boasts a high Return to Player rate of 97.00%, suggesting generous payback over time.
  • Max Multiplier: x10000
  • Max Win: The maximum win is set at €250,000, offering the potential for substantial payouts.
  • Game ID: GIFT X
  • Release Date: Set to captivate players from Dec 1, 2023.


“Gift X” by Bgaming is more than just a slot game; it’s a holiday adventure wrapped in a world of festive joy and surprises. With its high RTP, unlimited attempts, multiple betting options, and autoplay feature, it’s designed to provide entertainment and potential rewards to a wide range of players. Get ready to join Santa and his reindeer on this festive journey and see what gifts await you!