Moon Princess Slot from Play’n GO

This is a Play n GO game that is based mainly on comics with the same title. It’s a complete anime festival, replete with vibrant colors and adorable details. You will be amused by 3 beautiful girls, each with their distinct skill. Expect a lot of female empowerment and some delightfully crazy, though initially baffling, action.

Lovers of Japanese anime will recognize Moon Princess straight away. Sensors, collecting boxes, and boosters supplement the plain images and become more understandable after a few viewings. Heart, Starlight, and Thunder, the heroines, appear on the right side, applauding for the gamers as they rotate. The grid itself is composed of a 5 by 5 square that fills with 25 icons on every fresh take and is playable from $0.20 to $100 for a spin. Setting the entire affair off involves the utilization of an accessible stake.

The term “pop” is appropriate because when 3 or more matched characters occur, they burst and drop into the container on the left. The other icons slide into the empty spaces, potentially creating big new wins. To help with this, the middle place of a combination stays on the screen and turns wild, providing for multiple winnings.

A win booster that begins at one and grows by one, while each subsequent drop elevates the odds even further. This ingenious system enables amazing chain reactions of successive victories with escalating multipliers, which are impossible to put into words. It won’t always be like this, since Moon Princess Slot has a volatility rating of 10/10, bringing in dramatic changes in play. The second important aspect of mathematics is RTP, which has a rating of 96.5%, however, some casinos may change it to a lesser value, so double-check before playing.

Gamers should prepare for a rain of sparkles when the pay table is unveiled. Trinkets such as a solid gold charm, a moon diamond, a love, and a flying ring are examples of low-pay emblems. The 3 top paid icons are the princesses, who all give 10x the bet for a five-symbol match. We previously discussed the wild, which may substitute for the payout signs; it also delivers rewards of up to fifty times the wager for a set of 5. If the only icons left on the field are wild, they are eliminated, letting players activate a bonus with spins.

Special features

Moon Princess Slot includes a myriad of elements that add to the game’s overall mayhem. Across any unsuccessful spin, the Girl Power bonus may emerge randomly. There are three options based on which lady is standing alongside the field at the moment:

  • Love transforms icons into another sort of image.
  • The starlight symbol increases the number of wilds on the field by 1 or 2.

Thunder clears the field of two different sets of icons. Keep an eye on the energy meter on the left side of the screen. When it is full, another bonus function is activated. The meter has three portions that are covered in the following way:

  • Three a type dominates one area.
  • Two parts are filled by 4 of a kind.
  • Three parts have five-of-a-kind combos.

Whenever the bar reaches zero and no further wins appear on the field, the player is awarded 1 free spin. Low-paying symbols can utilize their abilities one at a moment throughout this turn, enhancing their odds of winning.

Moonlight Princess’ main aim is to erase the full field to unlock the main bonus round. Once this occurs, players may select among 4, 5, or 8 free spins.  The chosen heroine keeps her Girl Power for the remainder of the game, and the drop boosters, while reaching a max of times 20, do not reset during turns.

The bar, as mentioned earlier, is engaged in free spins, but it now offers extra free spins when it becomes full. For the Heart Princess bonus, players may receive up to twenty additional spins. The Princess Trinity bonus does not have additional spins; however, clearing the field awards users an immediate 100x of their original stake.


There’s a lot of stuff going on here, so you’ll have to watch Moon Princess in fact to get a complete feel of what’s happening. All of this discussion about princesses, passion, and moonlight may be off-putting to a few, but certainly not to those who like Moon Princess.

These slots focus on going on a flow, and the Moon Princess Slot is certainly capable of doing so. Combinations result in full bars, boosters, free spins, and other advantages.  If everything is going great, winning streaks might appear to last an eternity. Be aware that it is quite unpredictable, thus not every turn will be a thrilling trip to victory.

When it happens, it can undoubtedly go crazy, however, the quoted max win possibility of 5,000x seems a little overblown. A win of half that money is more attainable. In any event, when that figure is paired with the powerful math model, you get a slot that overcomes whatever dislike for the topic you may have. Even if you’ve studied all of the rules, you frequently have no clue what’s going on when Moon Princess starts rolling. However, it does not matter. Moon Princess Slot is a whirlwind of activity in which you should simply relax and enjoy the anime craziness.