Most Popular Casino Games: Top by GAD. bet!

Gambling has been popular since ancient times. When the first gambling game appeared, no one knows. Today, new casinos are opening daily, but a special stage in the development of this type of recreation began with the advent of the Internet. Online casino is the easiest, fastest and most popular way to indulge in gambling. We have analyzed the modern gaming market and compiled our rating of the most popular casino games. Here is the top 20 best online betting games that are popular all over the world.

Slot machines online

These are perhaps the most popular slots that can be found both online and in classic casinos. It is they who so attract the guests of Las Vegas with their bright lights, loud sounds and the ability to win large sums of money at the touch of a button or lever. All you need to win here is luck. All online slot machines have different rules, bonuses and other features. It is not easy to catch a winning combination, but given that the game here rarely goes for large sums, you will not lose much. You can win a lot here, given the opportunity to hit the Jackpot!

The most profitable and interesting slot machines online:

Book of Ra – if you love traveling and gambling, then this machine is for you. You will be surrounded by the atmosphere of Ancient Egypt, where you will play the role of a tomb raider, extracting ancient treasures together with colleagues. Or maybe the role of a Priest who collects 5 magical books is closer to you? You can play this machine both for a fee and for free (demo version). Bets are accepted on the number of lines from 1 to 9, five reels are played. To get a prize, it is enough to knock out win-win combinations of three symbols of the same name.

Columbus is a slot machine for fans of exciting journeys and new discoveries. Dedicated to the famous Christopher Columbus, who sailed half the world and discovered America. The game will appeal to its healthy adventurism and surprises. Columbus, with his thirst for travel and curiosity, was able to get to America, experience dangerous adventures and even earn money! And the players have to do the same! You can play this game online for free, or try to play for money – the decision is up to you! 5 reels, nine lines, free spins, a wild symbol and tons of emotions are waiting for you!

Crazy Monkey – maximum fun and humor. It is also free to play. Bright colors, jungle sounds, funny monkeys, pythons, lions, bright tropical butterflies, flowers – all this creates a pleasant atmosphere of excitement and primitiveness. To play, turn on the slot with 5 reels and classic 9 lines. All rules are simple and clear. Test your luck and you will find out how crazy monkeys can rejoice in winning!

Playing online Fruit Сocktail is another popular slot with 5 reels and 9 lines. Its feature is the existence of a risk game, which can significantly increase your winnings. There are also bonus games for additional winnings. In general, this is one of the most favorite entertainments for players. The bet ranges from 1 to as much as 25 credits. A win is awarded if 3 or more identical symbols appear in one of the lines. Pressing the “HELP” button allows you to find out the exact amount of your winnings.

Golden Mines is a slot machine with the ability to make investments. Its meaning is that the player can invest a relatively small amount of money, and then regularly withdraw real money to the card. As for the storyline, the player during the game buys special dwarves who mine gold ore for him. Ore during the game can be processed, getting gold. The gold that you end up with can be exchanged for real rubles. Earned money is withdrawn to any bank card.

Another online casino game in the field of slot machines is Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe. The developer of the slot, the Novomatik group concern, made the main theme Lady Charm or Lady Luck – a capricious lady whose location can bring huge profits! As befits Luck, she can be capricious and elusive, but if she smiled at you, catch her portrait. It appears instead of other drawings, and as a result, your profit increases significantly. Also, the slot involves various risk games, premium reel speeds, increased rates. The field is also decorated in the appropriate style – you will find a 4-leaf clover, a horseshoe, a rabbit’s foot, which will definitely bring you good luck!

For fans of historical values, the secrets of Egypt and ancient civilizations, we offer the online Pharaons Gold slot machine – or Pharaoh’s Gold. Lovers of secrets and adventures in the most mysterious place among the ancient architectural structures, pyramids and ruins of temples can find their treasure – the gold of the Pharaoh!

The Sizzling Hot online slot machine is a popular game in which there are only six fruits and a seven. The victory goes to the one who was able to catch three or more identical images from left to right along the payline. The fiery star symbolizes the “scattered” symbol. Unfortunately, the game does not feature the much-loved Wild symbol. If you get a cherry and a star, it’s a great success, because these positions are winning, even if there are only two symbols. Among the players, this online slot machine is valued because of the high payouts on winnings.

Swamp Land is a round dance of cute animals, from a cheerful snail to a chameleon and a frog. But not everyone is so cute – sometimes an evil crocodile appears. The screen of the Swamp Land machine consists of five rows. Having overcome the 4th row, you can count on a reward – a multiplier of 1.8, and the next, fifth row – 2. After passing the fifth row, a super game begins. If your frog managed to slip through the 5th row, then you can count on winning the super game. You are given 25 leaves. Guess where the toothy crocodile is hiding, and victory is yours! The Swamp Land online casino machine is very popular with users, because in fact, you only need to guess correctly once. If you went through all the rows and the crocodile did not have breakfast with a frog, the super prize is yours!

The online gambling machine The Money Game is a classic 9 lines with 5 reels. A popular slot with the simplest rules. If “Dollar” is rolled, you get a bonus. The drop-down “Gentlemen” multiplies by two all winnings, replacing the existing symbols, except for “Scatters”. The slot gives you the opportunity to play 15 free games if you get a combination of Golden Dollar symbols. Even when playing the free game, the winnings are multiplied by 3. The design of the game is uplifting, because what could be more pleasant than the incessant ringing of gold coins and rustling dollars.

Online blackjack

Blackjack is one of the easiest games to play in online casinos. The goal of the player is to score as close to 21 as possible, but no more. It is important to beat the dealer’s points, but not to go over 21. There are many varieties of online blackjack games, let’s consider the most popular of them. There are 2 varieties in total:

  1. American Blackjack – The dealer immediately deals both cards to himself. He immediately opens one of them and checks whether he has hit an ace or 10. If so, he checks for blackjack, but does not show the player the hole card.
  2. European blackjack involves the dealer dealing himself one card initially and putting it face up. A further set of cards is made after decisions are made by the players on all boxes.

Depending on which provider offers the game, the rules may change at their discretion. Different online Blackjack games may have a different number of splits on one hand, the list of situations for a double can also be changed – more often it is limited.

The main types of blackjack online at the casino:

  • Blackjack Switch – boxes can exchange cards;
  • Pontoon – one of the analogues of Spanish 21;
  • Blackjack Vegas Strip (Vegas Strip Blackjack) – simple American blackjack, which is played with 4 decks;
  • Spanish 21 (Spanish 21) – version of online blackjack without tens in decks. Simple rules and lots of bonuses.
  • Double exposure (Double Exposure) – the dealer opens two of his cards at once, but the rules are more stringent;
  • Double Attack (Double Attack) – in this online blackjack you can raise the bet.
  • Super fun (Super Fun 21) – has special payouts. The game is played in a single deck;
  • Blackjack Atlantic City (Atlantic City Blackjack) – eight decks involved;
  • Progressive Blackjack – different progressive jackpot, it is played at an additional rate.

To fully understand the rules of each type of this online game, we recommend playing free casino games.


 Almost a quarter of casino games are all kinds of roulettes. Players are attracted by the opportunity to make different types of bets – on the number of the pocket, on the row of pockets, on the color and on the number, whether it will hit black, white, even or odd. The game has simple and clear rules for everyone, you can find a free demo version.

European Roulette Pro is a European roulette in which you have to choose a number from 0 to 36 or a color. Place your bet and spin the reel!

Pixel roulette is a game based on a random number selection. Probably, even the developer does not know how the winnings appear!

The Wheel of luck online roulette has been supplemented with a bonus game and an additional Wheel of Wealth bonus game.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune and collect money! Flash Roulette – spin the roulette wheel and win big!

Vertical roulette is a variation of European roulette. On the left side there is a playing field with numbers from 0 to 36, on which you will bet.

Also popular types of roulette in online casinos are: Russian roulette wheel, Royal roulette, Catch a bird, Mix roulette, Color roulette.

Poker games

At online casino you will find several variations of this game. The most favorite among the players are Texas Hold’em and classic five-card poker. Depending on the provider and the type of poker, the rules of the game and betting options differ. Some of these games include progressive jackpot bets.

Separately, it is worth mentioning live poker – this is poker in which a real dealer participates. This type of casino games has millions of fans. First of all, because here little depends on luck – you must know the rules and strategies very well, have skill and even knowledge of psychology.


Baccarat has rather complicated rules. It has several versions, but for an unprepared player, or for someone who does not know the rules well, it is better not to play it. The rules are highly version dependent. You need to be able to manage rates, everything else depends more on the software. Some games involve additional bets. There are free and paid versions. Baccarat is also popular in live dealer and video versions.

Types of baccarat:

  • Classic baccarat.
  • American baccarat.


 A simple game of dice. The point is to guess the value of the rolled dice – one or more. Or play a pass. The most popular craps games (craps) in the casino:

  • Roll The Dice by Evoplay.
  • Sharp Shooter.
  • Craps.

The game takes place in two stages:

  • Come Out Roll;
  • Point Roll. At each stage of the game, different bets are possible. There are long-term bets and additional bets for each round.


In this game, only luck matters. The players have cards with numbers, the caller draws numbers randomly, and the players mark them on their cards. The first person to mark all the numbers on the card wins. The betting options are numerous and depend on game versions and providers.

In general, there are a lot of popular online casino games. Everyone can choose a game according to their taste and abilities. New games of chance are added weekly to our casino that allow you to win money and just have fun!