NBA Streams on Reddit: A Comprehensive Overview

Reddit and Its Community-Driven Nature

Reddit, often termed “the front page of the Internet,” is a massive online community where users can discuss almost any topic imaginable. One of the platform’s strengths is its subdivision into “subreddits,” niche communities centered around specific interests. Over the years, one of the popular subreddits was related to streaming NBA games: r/nbastreams.

r/nbastreams: The Hub for NBA Enthusiasts

r/nbastreams emerged as a go-to destination for NBA fans who didn’t have access to official broadcasters or sought alternative ways to watch games. Here, users would post links to live streams of NBA games, making it easy for fans from around the world to watch their favorite teams in action.

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  1. Accessibility: With links to various streams, users had options regardless of their geographical location.
  2. Community Feedback: The upvote and comment system on Reddit allowed users to gauge the quality and reliability of a particular stream.
  3. Free of Charge: Most streams provided were free, making it an appealing alternative to paid services.


  1. Legal Concerns: The majority of these streams were unauthorized broadcasts, which raised copyright concerns.
  2. Variable Quality: Not all streams provided HD quality, and some might have faced regular buffering or connectivity issues.
  3. Potential Security Risks: Some streaming links could redirect to questionable websites with malware or phishing threats.

The Demise of r/nbastreams

Due to the growing concerns over copyright violations, Reddit eventually banned the r/nbastreams subreddit in 2019. This move was in line with Reddit’s policy to discourage the sharing of pirated content on its platform.

After the ban, several alternative subreddits popped up attempting to fill the void, but these too faced bans. However, the community spirit of r/nbastreams didn’t entirely die; many users migrated to external platforms or other websites where they continued to share and discuss streaming options.


While r/nbastreams was an invaluable resource for many NBA fans, its demise underscores the importance of adhering to copyright laws and the risks associated with unofficial streaming sources. Fans looking to watch NBA games should consider official broadcasters or licensed streaming platforms to enjoy the sport legally and securely.