Plentiful Treasure: Slot from Realtime Gaming

The natural strive for riches is one of the numerous aspects of life that undergoes such rapid change. As long as there have been humans, there will always be a desire to distinguish oneself from the rest and a desire to surpass those in strength, skill, and intelligence.

The main focus in today’s culture is on cash and riches. While a few individuals are actively striving to work extremely hard, others are looking for ways to cut corners—even if doing so would mean breaking the law.

Many educated and attractive individuals always opt to explore slot machines since they allow them to enjoy a nice game while also making some great money. Well, a few other individuals will make every effort to seek heavenly blessings to become wealthy.

The Chinese gods listened and responded to their followers, which is lucky for this type of person. On that point, we are happy to report that Realtime Gaming has just introduced an awesome slot machine titled Plentiful Treasure. Any slot machine has a jackpot prize.

Game rules and interface

The motion is fluid, and the images are well-designed. With a few contemporary rhythms thrown in, the music attempts to mimic the aesthetic of traditional Chinese music. The video slot graphics were laboriously crafted by the creators, and it is evident. The detailed decorations on the huge pot, for example, distinguish out from other slots in little ways. Another appealing feature is the accurate similarity to Chinese precious metals.

Though, some of the artwork might appear untidy. For example, the visuals may malfunction if you abruptly left the game. If your web application is out of date, this issue still exists.

The backdrop photos appear royal, with a lot of red pictures in various forms, and the designs aren’t outstanding.

Even though the reels are designed to suit the monitor, the visuals and navigation are not particularly compelling. The action takes place on a 5 by 3 playing surface, and it offers more than 240 different ways to succeed. All winning combos must be formed by moving directly from the left to the right.

This slot has considerable variance is given that it contains 4 progressive jackpots, so it may take time until you start winning.

Bets and rewards

Upon every round, gamers may wager in the range of $0.64 and $70.40, and they may also choose to gemstone each of the symbols. Although there are many other wagering alternatives, the professional gambler will gain greatly from this sort of selection.

Symbols and additional features

The icons you will notice on this slot machine are traditional cards, in addition to a tiara, a piece of jewelry, and a few more golden pennies that are linked by a mug, a fruit double, and a tiny sculpture that is an intricately crafted Chinese sign. Some of these images have a gem finish, which increases their overall worth and, more significantly, makes room for 4 progressive jackpots.

There are two wilds: the Emerald, that only shows on row 3 and adds a 5x boost to any winnings he is a component of, and the Jade symbol, which also has the potential to unexpectedly activate an additional feature and award one of the game’s 4 prizes. A jackpot will be up for grabs among the players. When the function is activated, players can choose one of 12 Gold Pieces. One of the prizes is yours if you uncover 3 matched idols.

You must produce large wagers to obtain additional diamond icons and ensure you can contend for all 4 prizes. You won’t be capable of competing for all of them if you choose to place a little wager.

When three or even more Pyramid Symbols occur from left to right, the Extra Spins function is activated. Eight bonus games that do not feature poor cards will be awarded to players. The fact that the function may be reactivated, and you can receive further gifts, is the finest part of the narrative.

Compatibility with mobile devices

What is convenient, the developers have considered the needs of the modern player, namely his active lifestyle. The slot is perfectly played not only in a PC browser but also on mobile phones and tablets with the iOS/Android operating system. So, you get rid of being tied to one place and can play even on the go. Or during a break at work.


No doubt, it is wonderful to watch this amazing device become fun that’s also available on the internet. They are intended for those who intend to play in the upcoming. The graphics may be improved, but what is demoralizing about this slot is the lack of any concrete RTP statistics.

You’ll probably be pulled like glue to this slot if you enjoy slots with themes related to Chinese tradition, money, and prosperity. It has a highly unique layout that makes it fun to play and less popular. I believe that low to medium-rollers will enjoy this game the most, and several gamers from the West will be attracted to it because of the 4 main jackpots and the various cultural allusions on the field. Its stunning visuals, vivid tones, intriguing topics, entertaining audio effects, and fantastic prizes set it apart from other China machines available on the internet nowadays.