Reload bonuses in online casinos: what is it?

In order to encourage players, the casino introduces various bonuses. The most popular of them are deposit, no deposit and reload bonuses. Terms of bonuses in different online casinos are always different, but there are common features between them. In almost every casino, you must use the credited bonus within a certain time. If you miss this time and do not do so, your bonus will be forfeited.

The period for which you must use the bonus varies from casino to casino. It usually lasts from 24 hours to 30 days. In order to use the bonuses for your own benefit, you need to carefully read all the conditions. In doing so, pay attention to important points:

• Often, according to the condition, bonus money must be wagered a certain number of times; without wagering, you will not be able to withdraw money. 10x is small and 40x is a lot.

• Another nuance is the use of real money in the first place, if there are real money and bonus money on the account. If the casino sets such a condition, this is a big minus. Such a bonus is called an expired bonus. This is something that an experienced player would like to refuse.

• If you like to play for high stakes and often use the “gamble” function, which allows you to bet your winnings on a bigger win again, then you will not be able to play such a game when receiving bonus money – it is forbidden to bet with bonus money.

If you read all the rules carefully, bonus points can greatly increase your chances of winning. All casinos come up with their own reload bonuses to keep users and conditions for playing. Each rule will have differences, additions and exceptions. You need to know them before making a deposit. And then you will quickly conclude that reload bonuses are good and pleasant!

How is a reload bonus different from a welcome bonus?

The welcome bonus is received only by new players only once after registration. The online casino reloads regularly if the user is an active player to encourage him to play more often. Casino reload can be accrued on various dates, holidays, be a regular promotion – for example, weekly. Reload bonuses can also be given for achievements. The interest rate for bonuses of this type is much lower. In welcome bonuses, players can receive an amount of two to three times the amount deposited into the account.

Typically, the welcome bonus is between 50% and 200% on a deposit. The reload rate rarely reaches 100%, and the lower threshold starts from 10%. But in any case, even a small percentage is an increase in the deposit, which can bring benefits.

How are reload bonuses calculated?

For starters, the user needs to be a regular or VIP player. Each online casino has its own loyalty system. By studying the rules of the casino that is relevant to you, you will be able to determine at what level of players you are. Depending on your status, there are certain offers for you. You can find out your status in your personal account or by asking the support service.

What can I get a reload bonus for?

  1. For a certain amount on your deposit, for replenishing your account.
  2. By promo code.
  3. For a deposit made on the specified dates. Typically, such promotions are associated with common holidays or personal ones – for example, on New Year’s Day, go to your birthday.

Unfortunately, not all online casinos offer reload bonuses. Usually, a developed bonus system is available for large large sites.

Disadvantages of reload bonuses

Are there any downsides to bonuses? Of course, there are no drawbacks – after all, this is additional money for the game. But there may be difficulties with understanding how it works. And here it is important to understand the rules of your particular casino. Casino bonuses often come with terms and conditions. And the conditions may not be so simple. An attractive bonus can be very difficult to follow all the rules. The biggest disadvantage of casino bonuses is that many players don’t even realize how complicated the wagering requirements are. There are many cases when a player activates a bonus, but cannot fulfill all the conditions, as a result of which he does not win money, but loses.

But this is not the responsibility of the casino. This is your choice and all responsibility for the fact that you did not want to read the rules of the game and did not fulfill all the conditions lies with you.

Is it possible to simply withdraw the bonus to the card

Unfortunately, reload bonuses cannot be withdrawn to the card until all conditions are met. And some casinos have gone even further – when you activate a bonus promo code, even your real deposits become bonus and cannot be withdrawn until all requirements are met. Pay attention to this so as not to lose your money.