Review of Crash Game Mriya

“Mriya” is an exhilarating crash game for online casinos, inspired by the legendary Ukrainian Antonov An-225 “Mriya” aircraft. In this game, players embark on a flight aboard the world’s largest and most powerful cargo plane, testing their luck and intuition in the pursuit of substantial winnings.

Play Crash Game Mriya

  • Game Start: The game begins with Mriya’s takeoff. As the takeoff commences, the win multiplier starts increasing.
  • Bets and Payouts: Players place their bets before the takeoff. As the aircraft gains altitude and speed, the win multiplier escalates. Players need to press “cash out” before Mriya disappears from view or a crash occurs.
  • Crash Moment: This moment occurs randomly, symbolizing the unpredictable scenarios in flight, adding excitement and unpredictability to the game.


  • Graphics and Animation: Detailed graphics of the aircraft and the flight animation provide a realistic sensation of flying.
  • Thematic Soundtrack: The sounds of takeoff and flight enhance the immersion in the game.
  • Game Atmosphere: The game’s atmosphere reflects the spirit of aviation and adventure, as well as pride in Ukraine’s unique aviation legacy.
  • Social Element: Opportunity for real-time interaction and competition with other players.


“Mriya” is not just a gambling Crash game, but a tribute to the majestic “Mriya” aircraft, a symbol of engineering thought and indomitable spirit. This game is sure to appeal to both aviation enthusiasts and those seeking something new and inspiring in gambling games.