The Prime Card – Tommy Fury vs. KSI: Hype, Holds, and Hope for Better Boxing

In a high-profile event on the night of October 14th-15th in Manchester, England, the world of influencer boxing took another dramatic turn. Organized by DAZN and the promotional company Misfits Boxing, the evening featured key matches including Logan Paul versus Dillon Denis, and most notably, Tommy Fury against KSI.

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Tommy Fury, known not only for his boxing prowess but also for his stint on the popular ITV2 reality show Love Island, had the support of his heavyweight world champion half-brother, Tyson Fury, in his corner. Despite the big names and the anticipation, the fight, unfortunately, left many unimpressed.

The six-round bout saw a lot of holding and lacked the anticipated action. Although Tommy won via unanimous decision, neither boxer’s performance garnered much appreciation. KSI immediately labeled the decision a “robbery” in the aftermath of the fight.

Fury, in his post-match comments, told Boxing Social, “I’m used to seeing two men stand up and box properly. But when another man’s from another background completely to what we’re doing, it’s hard to replicate in sparring.” He criticized the continuous holding and commented on Tommy’s performance, “Look at the pressure on Tommy every time he goes in the ring… He just seems to carry the weight of the world on his back but it’s only experience, he’ll get better.”

However, not everything that evening was a letdown. The undercard fights turned out to be better than expected, offering a much-needed respite to the main bouts’ anticlimactic outcome.

One of the unique and engaging additions to the night was the team boxing format. Operating similar to wrestling, the 2-on-2 format allowed boxers, if tired or hurt, to tag their teammate in by touching their glove, effectively substituting themselves out. The dynamism and unpredictability brought an exciting twist to traditional boxing, although it left many wondering about the scoring criteria.

In conclusion, while the main event featuring Tommy Fury and KSI might not have lived up to the hype for many boxing enthusiasts, the evening showcased the experimental and evolving nature of influencer boxing, bringing together mainstream celebrities, novel formats, and traditional boxing in an unpredictable blend.