Twerk Review: Slot from Endorphina

This slot with an unusual theme can be watched right from home. Those who are especially active can join the action and start shaking on the dance floor. There are 3 reels, like in the old classic machines, and 5 pay lines. As the name suggests, the slot is dedicated to the dance of the same name and includes a bonus round and a gambling feature that can double the payouts. As you might expect, the focus is on modern, energetic dance.

The game incorporates a variety of intriguing components, including a solid design, intriguing soundtracks, and an original gameplay experience. You may listen to fantastic music anywhere you want thanks to Twerk online. After a long, arduous day of work, game creators create a project with plenty of lovely females playing on a gaming field for you to enjoy. If you want to test a game, all you need to do is download the free trial version. The creators made it possible so that newcomers could determine whether the project meets their needs. Use whatever device you have that can connect to the internet to start the game. It could be a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or personal computer. Even touch screen capability was added by the developers, allowing gamers to enjoy the game anywhere. Furthermore, it doesn’t need any special hardware components. You must be at least 18 years old to participate.

Twerking has evolved into the dance moves that have come to represent the first decade of the twenty-first century, for better or ill. It was just a matter of time until the game was converted into an online slot because the motion has been ingrained in music videos and dance clubs all over the world.

Due to its concept, the is probably going to stir a lot of controversies. With its location being some sort of subterranean nightclub stage and very controversial images and animations, the game doesn’t shy away from that.


  • Distinct theme
  • Warm
  • Sexy images
  • Outstanding extras


  • Variety of little bets
  • Should have a higher RTP

Graphic and design

The icons on the reels of this slot machine are different women, all of them are dressed in skimpy shorts. A piece of fantastic dance music is playing in the background to get gamers fired up and ready to move. The setting is quite urban with graffiti on brick buildings.

How to play

Twerk’s game setup is shockingly straightforward. There are just five pay lines available to be used in the game, which has a vintage three-reel setup. All you have to do to win something is match 3 of the images in a row.

Unsurprisingly, the game’s logo has a variety of different butts with variously colored hot pants, as well as the same themes as the rest of the game. The Gold Bum and the “Twerk Bum” are the highest paying icons at x100 and x500 your bet, respectively, and you can always see their values on the pay table.

How to bet

This slot machine makes it incredibly easy and simple to set the desired bet. The ‘Total Wager’ arrows, which may be used to raise or lower the total bet each spin, can be found towards the bottom of the screen. 5 is the lowest bet that may be made, while 500 is the most.

There is no way to adjust the default setting of five pay lines. Fixed pay lines increase the total stake, but they may also be advantageous to players since they provide them with more opportunities to win.

Players may also benefit from the highly useful “Auto” option, which is offered. The reels can be configured to spin automatically until the player wants them to stop by choosing the option with the corresponding label. This choice is excellent for players who might need to take a brief rest without losing their place in the game.

Bonuses and features

Unfortunately, this slot machine lacks a wild symbol that players may benefit from.

The actual bonus in this game is provided by the “Versus” scatter symbol. Players who are fortunate enough to get 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will be given additional free spins and access to an engaging game. Players will be able to observe and assist one of the many female dancers as they shake their way to the top of the dance competition during the game, receiving a hefty prize for doing so. Players will be randomly assigned one of the many female dancers.

Players may also choose the “Risk” card game option to wager every victory, giving them the choice to either double their winnings or lose everything.


Despite my best efforts, I simply find the sexist tone of this game objectionable. This game does us no favors in a sector that is under fire for its objectification of women. The visuals in the game fail to depict anything other than the twerking asses of the female characters, which is more than just a subject that is especially sexualizing women. These ladies are reduced to butt-shaking. With that said, Twerk is among the more intriguing games produced by Endorphina. Although the supplementary feature is truly fascinating, it has the typical House Edge at the high end of the spectrum we often see with new releases today.

In particular, for a 3-reel game, the fight structure is entertaining. It’s simply a shame that the topic of this game couldn’t have been better balanced.