Wild Fury slot machine review: original features, symbols, free spins, and jackpot!

Wild Fury Jackpots is a new slot machine in our online casino. In this article, you can read a detailed review of the slot, before you play it without downloading or registering, for money or a free demo version.

Wild Fury slot with jackpots

A slot machine with free spins around and a guarantee of winning the jackpot certainly attracts attention. Wild Fury Jackpots slot machine can lead the player to huge winnings – especially after starting the bonus round. How to do this – you can read below.

Wild Fury Jackpots is a slot with its style where popular symbols such as a suit of playing cards, the number 7, and dragons get their interpretation and unique design. Few slot machines combine classic images and futuristic appearance. But developers from IGT managed to create a slot that harmoniously combines the good old classics of the ’90s and advanced development.

Wild Fury Jackpots video slot has already achieved success at numerous land-based casino sites. Now it can also be found in online casinos optimized for mobile devices. It is safe to say that this slot will be popular with experienced gambling gamers.

This slot machine is characterized by medium volatility. You can play it only from 0.10 per spin. The machine has five reels, ten paylines, and special features, including stacked wild symbols, as well as free spins with a guaranteed jackpot win!

Wild Fury Jackpot Review

Let’s go straight to the Wild Fury jackpot review and see how you can win in this stylish slot machine.

As you play, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how modern style meets traditional symbols. The bright blue background image in the form of a honeycomb attracts attention. You can run the game on your desktop computer, iPhone, iPad, Windows, or Android mobile device. The brightly colored symbols stand out noticeably, they have a slight three-dimensional gem effect and pay out small prizes. Standard symbols must fall on at least three reels on the left side of the payline, if necessary they can be bailed out by a wild symbol that substitutes for other symbols.

The suits of playing cards with diamonds and gems bring five, ten, or 30 times the amount placed on each payline. This happens when stopped on three, four, or all five reels.

Blue and gold dragons are valued at 60 times the bet, and sevens of similar color give out up to 100 times the bet per line. Pay attention to the wild symbol, however, as it is a special icon in this slot machine. In addition to acting like the other symbols, the image of a flaming ball of energy pays 40, 125, or 500 times the bet per line, depending on what part of the payline it fills.

The wild symbol can also be placed in multiple rows on any reel, making it much easier to make additional combinations.

The bonus round of Wild Fury Jackpots slot machine

The free spins round is coveted by most players. When you get this symbol in any three places on the second, third, and fourth reels, you trigger a reel spin that gives 10, 15, or 20 initial free spins.

At this time, the Golden Dragon flies over the game and the reel spins the number of bonus spins. A thrilling moment full of drama and anticipation! The initial games are the starting point of the round, as the +1 spin symbol adds one extra spin to the total.

If you get the symbol often enough, you can get up to 100 free games. This will allow you to collect wild symbols during the free spins feature.

The game starts with zero jokers, and then each one is collected on the counter. The size of the jackpot claimed at the end of the free spins bonus round depends on the number of wild symbols accumulated. Even if you don’t get any (which is unlikely since extra jokers are added to the reels everywhere), you’ll still win the jackpot, which starts at 80 times the bet at the end.

If you get 20 to 39 jokers, the jackpot starts at 125 times the bet, and 40 to 64 jokers at the end will pay out a prize of at least 200 times. Collect 65 to 99 wild symbols during the free spins and you’ll get 500 times your starting bet, and the top jackpot, which starts at 2,000 times your winnings, is yours if you collect more than 100 wild symbols.

In addition to all of these extra jokers, special single and double boost symbols can randomly appear, further increasing the jackpot level.

However, these symbols appear only on the middle reel, and the wild symbol will not be able to replace them. This feature of the Wild Fury Jackpots slot machine impressed us while writing this review.

Quick and dynamic gameplay

Wild Fury jackpots give players a wide range of betting levels, from 0.10 to a maximum limit of 200.00 per spin. The bets are easy to adjust with the plus and minus buttons, and just as easy to automatically play up to 50 spins if you don’t want to push the button every time.

The automatic spins stop on their own whenever the free spins are triggered, so it’s impossible to miss this basic feature. You can see how it works with Wild Fury Jackpots’ free video slots at the casino on our website. We have both paid and free demo versions of the Wild Fury slot available.

Wild Fury: RTP (payout) and volatility

A wild Fury is a slot machine with average volatility, which means that players can count on regular winnings and decent earnings. The volatility of a game shows the frequency of payouts and the level of risk in games.

Games with low volatility are characterized by more frequent winnings, while the amount of reward is much smaller. High volatility means that you will have the opportunity to claim incredibly generous rewards during the game, but they will appear less frequently than in a low-variance game.

You can get several big wins in a row in games with high volatility, but the process itself requires a lot of patience, as the rarity of the winnings can lead to a big investment. The bets are usually justified by the final big winnings, though.

IGT’s Wild Fury has an RTP (return to player) payout rate of 94.81%, which is slightly below the industry average. This payout percentage means that, on average, players can expect to win back 94.81% of their total bets.

For example, if a player wagers 100 in this game, he can expect a payout of 94.81%. Of course, this is an average percentage and it is calculated for the long term, so you should keep in mind that even if some players can win big, others won’t get any winnings at all. The results per game session can be very different from the long-term expected average. The expected RTP payoff shows the theoretical payoff for a huge number of games played by a large number of players over a long period.

Graphics and theme of the Wild Fury slot machine

The main screen of the Wild Fury slot machine is a bright blue background with a honeycomb pattern, a dragon silhouette, a red and blue flaming Wild Fury emblem, and a theme inspired by 90’s skaters and Hot Wheels.

The theme continues on the game screen – bright icons combine classic playing card symbols with modern symbols and flaming dragon-themed animations. When you reach certain combinations, a blue or gold dragon flies across the screen in the form of animation.

The design reveals the theme of the opposing forces, which are represented by brilliant icy blue symbols and fiery orange. The game’s unique exterior design contains many geometric patterns and a three-dimensional effect on most of the features and symbols, setting the game apart from its counterparts. The animations are constantly moving – smoothly and clearly. Even when you’re not playing, objects flicker and shimmer, drawing the eye. The 3D style of the game acts like hypnosis and has something in common with Starburst’s free online slots.

Wild Fury bonus features and free spins

Wild Fury on the reels offers dozens of consecutive Wild symbols and a high chance of winning one of five jackpots of different levels and values. The most popular feature is Stacked Wilds, which offers more opportunities to collect and save Wild symbols to increase the total jackpot amount.

The wild symbol can replace any other symbol except the scatter. Fiery dragons will show up if you get eight or more jokers on one spin! You can also activate free spins bonus games when three bonus scatters symbols appear anywhere on the center reels. These scatter symbols can only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, and when they make one spin of the wheel, the number of free spins awarded is determined. So spin the wheel of fortune and you can win up to 20 or more free spins.

Keep an eye out for Level Up multiplier symbols during bonus spins, because they can increase jackpot values even more. Wild Fury has a guaranteed jackpot win in every activated bonus round. During the free spins game, you will find many stacked wild symbols, as well as the opportunity to win one additional free spin with the Plus 1 Spin symbol.

The free spins are automatically played with the same bet per line and with the same number of paylines as the spin that triggered the free game. The game has a special jackpot bonus feature that appears during the free spins bonus round.

Any wild symbols that appear on the reels during the free game are automatically collected, and after the free spins end, the number of wild symbols collected is compared to the jackpot threshold. For example, if you have 100 or more Wild symbols, the starting amount of your jackpot is about 2,000.

Features of the Wild Fury slot machine

Wild Fury slot has its characteristics. They include:

  1. Stacked Wilds feature. The Stacked Wilds feature loads each reel with groups of four or more consecutive Wild symbols. The Stacked Wilds feature is even richer and more enjoyable in the free spins bonus.
  2. Free Bonus Spins. The free spins bonus is triggered when three scatter bonus symbols appear anywhere on center reels 2, 3, and 4. The first spin of the wheel occurs before the free spins bonus, it determines the number of initial free spins. After the wheel stops, 10, 15, or 20 free spins are awarded as seen on the wheel pointer. The reels in the free spins bonus have a more generous Stacked Wilds feature than in the main game.
  3. Plus 1 Spin Symbol. Each Plus 1 Spin symbol in any position on the reels gives 1 extra free spin, up to a maximum of 100 free spins per bonus.
  4. Jackpot Bonus. Wild symbols that appear on the reels during the free spins bonus are collected to determine jackpot winnings. At the end of the bonus, the total number of wild symbols is compared to the jackpot threshold and the highest single matching jackpot is awarded. The number of wild symbols collected always starts from zero each time the free spins bonus is triggered.

The players’ main questions

Can I play the Wild Fury Jackpots slot machine for free?

  • Sure! Today you can play the Wild Fury Jackpots slot for free at our online casino Gad.bet without a deposit or betting real money. Spin the reels and experiment with all the interesting features of the game!

Can I play Wild Fury Jackpots online slot for real money?

  • You can play the Wild Fury Jackpots slot machine at our online casino for real money. We have a wide variety of slots from the best gaming software developers – with proven honesty and safety!

Can I play the Wild Fury Jackpots slot machine on my tablet?

  • Yes! We have tested Wild Fury Jackpots on various gadgets and can say that the slot is compatible with desktops, tablets, and cell phones regardless of the software.

Is there a mobile version?

  • Wild Fury slot is not only created for PC but also mobile devices – Android, iPhone, and tablets. Wild Fury is an HTML5 game that can be played on any smartphone, device, or PC with a web browser and internet connection. While the overall design remains the same, there are small differences in the mobile version that change the look a bit and optimize the game for other platforms.

What style is the game made in?

  • If you grew up in the 90s, you’ll love the nostalgic visuals of the slot. It looks cool – at least in the format, it was in the 90s. You’ll love the slot for its brightness and precise messages, hints of excitement, adrenaline, and riches.

Are there bonuses in the Wild Fury slot?

  • The game offers giant bonuses and an incredible amount of special features and point multipliers. Once you start triggering free spins, your winnings will start to increase. The bonuses make the slot one of the most exciting and rewarding slot machines in the casino.

What is Wild Fury Jackpots slot machine overall?

  • Wild Fury Jackpots online slot is a video slot created by the provider IGT. It has a lot of interesting features such as the free spins round. You will be collecting jokers, and you can get the jackpot starting at 2000 times your bet.