Eastern Emeralds – Slot from Quickspin

Eastern Emeralds, a 5-reel, 20-payline machine with an Asian concept from Quickspin, has beautiful visuals that are full of eastern charm. It was a big shock to see that this title swiftly exceeded expectations to become one of the best-known video games, even though most people weren’t expecting much. Yet why? Is it the concept, which incorporates Asian mythology, the free spin boosters, or the enormous possible winnings? To learn more, check our review.

Plot, graphics, and symbols

Five rows packed to the brim with Asian images are placed against a hilly setting with glimpses of an old tower. The serpent and the bird, two creatures well-known for their epic battle between good and evil, are icons. The eastern motif is furthered with a bronze reptile, carp fishes, I-ching totems, and a gold fortune cookie. These can be found with the cards, which are typical western-style betting icons. The set is completed with a Wild multiplier icon. The dragon is the most valuable character on the slots, paying out 7.5 times your original wager.


The soundtrack comes from the same region, as you may anticipate from a slot with this theme. Music right out of ancient Japanese is played, with a beautiful assortment of pan flutes, violins, and whistles. However, in typical Quickspin fashion, you can turn off the sound by selecting the settings tab in the underside corner of the screen.

Rules of the game: how to start

On how to put this space, we’re not sure. On the one side, its use is relatively straightforward. After selecting your maximum stake, just press the turn icon to begin. But on the other hand, it makes things more difficult by including boosters to the wilds, which, if many appear on a line, are also doubled by another.

Additionally, there is a free spin extra round called, which offers 4 spin possibilities with various bonuses. The amount of free spins chosen determines whether these boosters are valuable if they are doubled once more! Yeah, it’s complicated. Although all of these built-in tools are easy to use once you understand them, inexperienced players can be intimidated by the variety of options available to them.

How to create a winning combination

As 3 or more of the identical images appear on the rows, a line win is produced. Aside from the bird, which stands in for the sign of the additional spin, wilds may replace any other symbols.

You may enter the bonus round, where you can enjoy free spins with a doubling reward, by spinning 3 phoenixes across fields.

The minimum wage per spin is 0.20 cents, and the maximum stake per spin, which includes all 20 paylines, is 100 dollars.

You may adjust a lot of settings and make the action more user-friendly at the bottom of the reels. The backspace button may be used to rotate the reels rather than the cursor, and you can also adjust the music settings and your stake size. The “reel spin” icon and a customizable auto function are both on the right of the reels.

RTP and volatility

One of Eastern Emeralds’ appealing qualities is its RTP, which is considerably higher than what we see as a decent RTP of 96% or more. Since Quickspin slots range in RTP from 95.41% to 97.01%, this slot has a greater-than-average game variety. It is comforting that Return to Player is so good since it is thought that titles with better RTPs seem to be more likely to repay player monies than activities with a lower RTP.

By comparing a game’s RTP to that of products from other suppliers, we would be foolish to discuss it. With its numerous profitable combos and sizable jackpot prizes, Eastern Emeralds are similar to the BTG slot machine Laser Fruit. However, this one has an RTP that is almost 0.5% higher, offering the chance of bigger payouts. 

The medium volatility slot is extremely erratic and offers both big and little winnings. Slot machines with medium volatility are suitable for novice gamers and those with limited funds provided the spin value is kept low to prolong playtime. High rollers are not required to avoid the situation, though. Players with larger expenditures might win big if the chances are in their favor because the game offers a variety of bonuses and victories are often. Eastern Emeralds are therefore incredibly adaptable and may be customized to meet a person’s demands.

Bonuses and other features

We want to inform you about a few additional features that are available in this slot. The crazy booster that shows up on the reels throughout regular spins is the first. The reel that the modifier lands on determines how much you can earn. Your prize will be doubled if the symbol hits on reel 2, tripled if it occurs on reel 3, and so on. If you roll more than 1 wild in a row, they duplicate one another. For instance, if you play a wild double on reels 2 and 3, your win will be increased by 2 and then by 3.

Additional Spins are the slot’s main aspect. If you land 3 or more scatters on the reels, this special round begins. Following that, you’ll have an option between 4 propositions, each with a unique bonus.

Some strategies and tips

With our analysis, we can provide you with some tips on how to get the best possible experience from playing online even though we can’t promise a victory. We provide you with our advice on making online slots more fun, from managing your finances to making the most of the promotions.

It’s essential to understand what you can spend if you invest any cash in slots. Many gamers, especially those who are unfamiliar with online gaming, engage in gambling without setting a spending limit. In the most extreme situation, this may lead to “person’s guilt,” which is when a player loses money after placing a wager and regrets how much they spent.

Many gamblers will take advantage of this chance to leave, while others could feel pressured to contribute more money to their account in the hopes of recovering damages. We believe that hunting for a victory is not a wise course of action. Because of this, we always advise setting up a wagering limit that you are happy with. One that you are aware you COULD lose and then adhere to that spending plan. By doing this, you can make sure that your costs are within your acceptable loss range.

You have a few alternatives if you discover that your wagering limit is lower than you had hoped. Reduce the worth of your spin as a first step. You will receive more rotations for your cash by reducing this. As an option, check the offers section of the casino site to determine if there are some bonuses or additional monies that may be useful to you.

The goal of casino webpages is to both bring in new customers and retain existing ones. They frequently provide gamers free spins on pre-determined slots as well as extra income when a player makes a payment as part of their strategy to keep users satisfied. Before registering for any incentives, it’s crucial to read the rules and regulations on the page. If you wouldn’t, your extra cash and investment might be in danger.


We love this slot machine since the company has merged the greatest elements of classic action with a special free spins feature that has very high prize chances. This round gives users some control over their gameplay, alleviating some of the passivity that is frequently present in slot games, especially when the auto is included. The slot’s RTP is also excellent, and greater than that of the majority of games of a comparable nature. A greater RTP is a sign that the chances are somewhat more in a player’s favor than usual, but it does not assure victories.